Natural Remedies to Try at Home for Different Health Problems

Home remedies for different health problems – natural remedies to try at home

Honey, cinnamon and ginger for cold


Never go for allopathic medicines if you get a cold or cough. Having a spice coffee would take your cold out. Make a coffee putting cloves, cardamom, pepper powder and ginger. Sip this coffee several times a day. Your cold would go off in few days. This remedy is very effective for the cold you get in winter. You can also prepare ginger tea at home. It is otherwise a ginger drink that you can drink few times a day. Make a tea with dry ginger added to it. Ginger would heat body and cure cold. You can sweeten this tea by adding honey. Cardamom tea would also warm body. Indian spices effectively cure cold, cough and nasal congestion. Cumin seed decoction is good for curing cold and cough. Indian ayurveda prescribes several herbs that can cure varieties of diseases. Avoid body cooling foods when you are suffering from cold, cough, sore throat or fever. Rather take body warming foods. For sore throat apply camphor coconut oil or mustard oil on neck (throat area).

Dry cough home remedies


Chew some spices like cardamom, ginger or cloves. Make a mix of ginger, lemon, honey and have few times a day. Chewing garlic would also help reduce dry cough problem.

Carom seeds and mint leaves for nasal block

carom and mint

If you experience severe nasal block you can try this home remedy. Make a powder of carom seed, put it in a piece of cloth, and smell it. You can also put crushed leaves of holy basil and mint in a cloth and inhale it. You will get some relief. But carom seeds are more effective. You can warm your chest with heated carom seeds put in a cloth. Bag a small sack with heated carom seeds (ajwain) and apply on chest. Carom would warm your body.

Camphor and coconut oil for chest congestion

coconut oil camphor

Heat camphor in coconut oil. Apply this oil on chest and back. You will be relieved of your cold. This remedy is very effective for kids. For kids apply oil on chest, back and under the feet. When camphor is burned in coconut oil, coconut oil turns into aromatic oil. When taking steam inhalation in vaporizer, apply this oil on a cloth and keep it in the mouth of the vaporizer.

High blood pressure home remedy in your kitchen


Eat garlic, shallots and onion with every meals. Have orange juice and lemon juice daily. Drink buttermilk without salt. Include more moringa leaves in your diet. At least 3 days a week, eat either spinach (palak), moringa leaves or fenugreek leaves (methi). Adding more fenugreek to your dishes would also reduce your blood pressure.

Diabetes home remedies from your kitchen


Make fenugreek part of your diet. It is better to eat fenugreek raw. Put some fenugreek seeds into mouth and drink water. Easy way to eat bitter fenugreek seeds. Before you go to bed, take one ladies finger and cut it to pieces. Put it in fresh water. Early morning in empty stomach eat this ladies finger and drink the water in which it was soaked. Do this daily. You will find improvement in your diabetes. Take banana stem juice once in a while. Take the juice of banana stem and drink it at least 2 times a week. You would find considerable decrease in your diabetic problem.

Asthma remedy from home


Use Indian spices abundantly in your diet. Use cardamom, black pepper, ginger, garlic etc in your curries. Include beef and beef liver in your diet. Do not eat prawn, banana stem and cold vegetables. Include sesame seeds in your diet. Sesame warms body. Boil ajwain in water and inhale this steam. This warm vapor would help clear mucus from chest and reduce asthma symptoms. People with asthma should take chicken soup and warm rasam (Indian spicy drink) every now and then. Asthma patients should always cover their ears and chest portion so that body remains warm. They should also make the habit of wearing garam socks (warm socks) during winter.

Back pain (upper back pain)

ginger extract

Apply diluted ginger extract on body and massage. Ginger massage is found to be good for back pain. In North India people use mustard oil for massaging back. Garlic juice massage is also good for back pain. Gastric trouble may be causing your back pain. If so, eating cumin seeds, garlic and drinking hot water would help.

Back pain (lower back)

garlic ginger mustard oil

Apply mustard oil and massage well. Put garlic and ginger in mustard oil and massage with this oil. This is good for back pain. Urinary infection can cause back pain. Drinking barley water daily (7-8 glasses per day) would cure the back pain caused by urinary tract infection. Fenugreek water (boiling water with fenugreek seeds in it) is also very effective for urinary infection and lower back pain. Drinking normal water several times a day would also help you get rid of back pain and urinary infection. Urinary infection can also cause hip pain and pressure in the lower stomach (lower abdomen).

Migraine headache, Cold headache and cough


Boil milk and finally add pepper powder and turmeric powder to it. A pinch of turmeric powder would be enough. Drinking this milk for several days would cure your headache, cold and cough. Drinking this milk regularly wound prevent migraine attacks to a certain extent.

Pain in legs, joints and muscles

garlic mustard oil

Generously apply mustard oil (boiled with garlic) over muscles. Better to apply mustard oil on whole body. This would enhance blood circulation also. Have a bath in hot water after oil massage. For joint pain and muscle pain, take a bit of mustard powder, mix it with mustard oil and apply on muscles and joints. You are sure to find a relief.

Muscle cramp remedy


Make a paste of garlic and apply on the affected area. Do not keep for long time. Garlic would burn skin if kept for a long time. Apply fast and massage.

For headache and migraine


Take a spicy milk everyday for a relief from migraine headache. Drink a full glass of milk with pepper powder added to it. Consume nut, especially almonds. This is found to help migraine headache. Take a little coconut oil and add ½ teaspoon of garlic juice (garlic extract to it). Apply this garlic oil on head. Head ache will go off. Applying eucalyptus oil would also give you a relief from headache. If you suffer from headache frequently do eat an apple with salt every morning in empty stomach. Otherwise you can have a lemon warm water drink early morning. Add few teaspoonful of lemon juice to warm water and drink on empty stomach. This would refresh your body and prevent head ache.

Hiccups home remedy


Eat sugar little by little. Your hiccup will go off. Sip little lemon juice and eat sugar in between. This would also help your hiccup.

Urinary tract infection home remedies


Make a decoction of coriander leaves. Put 2 cup full coriander leaves to water and boil. This coriander leaves drink is very cooling. Drinking this juice several times a day (for three days) would fully heal your urinary tract infection. This remedy is particularly useful during pregnancy when you are not supposed to take medications for urinary infection.

Healthy heart and good blood circulation


Include more turmeric in your diet. Drink turmeric milk daily before going to bed. Take a glass of warm milk with ½ teaspoon turmeric powder added to it. Cinnamon honey mix is also good for health. Drinking warm water with lemon juice is also good for health as it would help eliminate toxins from body.

Home remedies for stomach pain and indigestion


Asafetida is the best remedy for stomach pain due to gas and indigestion. Mix asafetida in warm water and drink. Drinking ginger juice is also good for curing indigestion. Adding ginger, garlic and turmeric more in the diet would help prevent indigestion. Drinking milk with turmeric added would also prevent indigestion.

Home remedy for non-serious burns (small burns)


Tamarind is the best home remedy for small burns. Put tamarind as a pack over the burned area. Apply thickly as if the burned area is covered. Burn pain will get relieved in few minutes. Tamarind is a wonderful remedy. Keeping the burned part in water (normal water) is also found to be giving a relief.

Insect bites remedy

tumeric paste

Applying turmeric paste is the natural first aid for insect bites. Turmeric has the ability to bring out insect toxins and infections. Apply leaves extract of holy basil (tulasi leaves) over the skin. Grind pudina leaves and get the juice. Apply this on the insect bite site.

Scorpion bite


The best first aid for scorpion bite is lemon juice. If you are bitten by a scorpion, apply lemon juice on the bitten place.

Ulcer home remedy


Drinking turmeric milk daily is found to help ulcer problems. People suffering from stomach ulcer should liberally use turmeric powder in all vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Turmeric for wounds


Turmeric is also a first aid for wounds. If you happen to cut your finger when cutting vegetable in kitchen, quickly apply some turmeric powder. Turmeric would work as an antiseptic. Turmeric is a natural disinfectant. It can also help stop bleeding. Having turmeric in your kitchen would thus benefit you.

Old South Indian home remedy for small cuts


For minor cuts and wounds happening in house there is an old South Indian home remedy. This is just for adults. Chop few shallots and apply it on the wound with little salt. Apply this and cover with a piece of cloth. Even though it will burn for few minutes, wound will dry up in an hour.

Eat more onion and shallots for curing arthritis


Increased use of onions in diet is a wonderful remedy for arthritis. You should take raw onions but. Cut onions as round circles and eat raw with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will see the benefits. Onions and shallots are traditionally known to cure inflammation.

Indian home remedy for acidity


Including ginger in diet is found to help acidity problem. Smelling asafoetida, applying it on navel and consuming little bit with warm water is popularly done. Do not drink water while you meat meals. Drink only hot water. Avoid cold water. Chewing clove and cardamom after meals would help avoid acidity problem to a certain extent. Chew ginger and few mint leaves after you have your meals. Make decoction with anise seed and drink several times a day.

Tiredness and anemia in children and adults home remedies


Include lots of shallots and onions in your diet. Eat raw shallot with meals. Make onion salads and eat with every meal. Shallots are rich with iron. Make dishes with methi leaves (fenugreek leaves). Take powdered fenugreek seeds three times a week. Eat lots of carrots, beetroots, and spinach (cheera in tamil and Malayalam, palak in hindi). Eat soaked raisins daily. Give raisins to children daily on empty stomach.

Menstrual pain home remedies

grape methi

Drinking grape juice daily for 5 days before the starting of the period would help avoid menstrual pain. Eating fenugreek leaves (methi leaves) is found to ease stomach pain and cramps in menstruation. Gambooge (kudampuli in Malayalam) is a wonder fruit that would make your menstrual cramp disappear. In South Indian state Kerala people put dried gambooge in fish curries.

Some remedies for arthritis

garlic ginger mustard oil

Applying mustard oil is the best remedy for arthritis pain. Put ginger or garlic in mustard oil and apply on the joint. This is good for rheumatic arthritis also. Those with tennis elbow would also be benefitted from this home remedy. Put some salt in mustard oil. Heat this oil by in outside sun for few days. Now massage the paining area with this oil 2 times a day. You are sure to find a relief. Arthritis patients should avoid pumpkin, radish and similar cool foods.

Some remedies for bad breath


Chew mint leaves and fenugreek leaves several times a day for relief from bad breath. Washing mouth with diluted lemon juice would also help. Early morning while you brush your teeth, prepare turmeric water with some salt added to it. Warm water will be better. Add turmeric and salt to water. Wash mouth with this water several times.

Pyorrhea and gum bleeding


For gum swelling, gum bleeding and pain, do brush your teeth after every meals. Take little turmeric powder, mix it with little salt and brush teeth using this mix. Otherwise boil water putting salt and turmeric powder and wash your mouth several times with this water. Chewing fenugreek leaves and pudina leaves would help get rid of infection. Take little warm water, pour little sesame oil (til ka tel in hindi, nallenna in Malayalam) and wash mouth with this water. Chewing shallots and onion is beneficial for stopping bleeding gums.

Low blood pressure


Take rice water (kanji vellam in Malayalam) with salt added to it. Salty rice water would help raise blood pressure. When your blood pressure is down, drink a cup of black coffee. Eating roots, tapioca (kappa in Malayalam), colocasia (chembu in Malayalam), elephant yam (chena in Malayalam, karana kizhangu in tamil), khamealu (kachil in Malayalam), beetroot and potato would help raise blood pressure. Eating zapota fruit (chikoo in India) would also raise blood pressure.

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  2. Ok, well natural home remedies are herbal alternatives for first aid that you do at home without having to visit a doctor.

    For common colds and other ailments you would use things like chamomile, sweet basil, mellein, etc.

    For cuts and scrapes you would use like witch hazel and stuff like that. Basically anything that is not considered traditional medicine. If you were preferring natural home remedies, you would not take cough syrup, you would drink honey tea with lemon. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . Then visit the hundreds of natural home remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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