Soursop/Graviola Herbal Tea

Here is a video showing you how to make Soursop Tea.


Soursop also known as Graviola is a fruit that has its origin in the forests of South America, Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia. This is an evergreen broad leaved tree whose every part is useful and has medicinal properties. This fruit is extremely delicious with a sharp aroma and a sweet-sour taste which is basically a combination of the taste of pineapple and strawberry. Recently, it has gained attention and popularity due to its natural cancer cell killing properties. Apart from its anti- cancer properties, it has several other medical benefits.

Soursop leaves are the most beneficial parts of this tree. They have the Acetoginin containing compounds namely bulatacin, asimisin and squamosin. Acetoginin acts as an anti- feedent. Thus, they are often used in killing insects and pests which die by consuming these leaves even in small amounts. Scientific research conducted by The National Cancer Institute has proved that Soursop leaves can effectively attack and destroy cancer cells. In addition to this, they are also used in the treatment of several other diseases.

Ingredients and Preparations:

1.Pick about 7-10 mature leaves. (optional use dried leaves)

2.Wash the leaves thoroughly.

3.Prepare a clay pot for cooking, make sure that it is clean. Chinese traditional medical practitioners highly recommend the use of clay pot as oppose to steel pot, however any pot will do when you can’t find any clay pot at your place.

4.Pour a least 1 litre of water into the pot and wait an leave it to boil for 30 minutes.

5.After 30 minutes, pour the water into a glass.

6.Wait for it to cool down and drink.

7.Keep the remainder in the pot and drink them later. (You will have 3-5 glasses of Soursop solution in one preparation)

It is recommended that you drink the Soursop leaves juice at least three times a week.

soursop tree
Soursop Tree

soursop leaves
Wash the leaves thoroughly

Boil the Soursop leaves in a clay pot

Finished product

Also see all of the Health Benefits of Soursop/Graviola at

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